Causes of Insomnia – The Top Three Causes in Adults

Causes of Insomnia – The Top Three Causes in Adults

There are millions of people who suffer from insomnia and many of those people don’t even know they have it. They just assume they are having trouble sleeping. Another reason why many people are not sure whether they have insomnia is because they are not aware of the common causes of insomnia. When you are able to spot the warning signs, you are better able to get the help you need, whether it is with at home remedies or with professional advice. In adults, there actually are three main causes that lead people not to be able to get the sleep they want and need each night.

The first of these main causes of insomnia is actually your bedroom. This is one of the leading factors and most people do not even realize it is. If your bedroom is cluttered and untidy, you most likely are not able to get comfortable sleeping in it. Also, is your pillow and bed comfortable? Even if you do not realize that you are not able to unwind in a cluttered bedroom, it is one of those subconscious things that our mind does to us when we are trying to sleep. A cluttered bedroom makes for a cluttered sleep.

The second item on the list of causes of insomnia is thinking too much. If you always have other things on your mind, whether you are stressing about them or just thinking about them, you will have a difficult time sleeping. You really are forcing your mind to stay awake. Related to this is the third cause, which is stress. So many people stress about what they have to do the following day or even over things they cannot control. This most likely is the leading factor of insomnia because it is impossible to sleep after you have been stressing over everything.

Think about how people do so many  things in their bed other than sleep. Insomnia for most adults can be avoided quite easily. Do not watch that late night television show or think about what you are going to do at work the following day. When you do these things, you are not priming your mind for sleep. You actually are getting it ready to be awake for quite some time. A good rule of thumb for insomnia sufferers is to remove the television from the bedroom. In many cases, it instantly cures the insomnia because you are able to focus on sleeping instead of having your mind race.

Rowena Stein is an Imaging Specialist that has recently started to assist people with tips on helping to cure insomnia and anxiety. I look froward to helping you.

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