How to Avoid Insomnia

How to Avoid Insomnia

Its past midnight, you have a big day tomorrow so you went to bed early. But…you are still awake.

You go to bed at your usual time but awake at 3am and can’t get back to sleep, you toss and turn, try not to get annoyed, unsuccessfully. You feel like you have been in and out of sleep all night, its 6am and you finally drift into a comfortable sleep. But…. The alarm goes off at 6.30!!!

Even minor sounds like a partner lightly snoring, voices of late night revelers, or cars going past which don’t usually bother you now become like drums in your head. If any of this is familiar you are part of a club of people world wide who sleep poorly and become sleep deprived.

It’s annoying, exhausting, frustrating and potentially dangerous. Sleep deprivation has been linked to many health disorders, and has certainly been the cause of many road accidents and many work place incidents. Firstly some of the things that don’t work or are myths.

Alcohol: A little can help you to relax but anymore won’t help. You may collapse into bed but your sleep quality will be poor, your bladder may wake you. Alcohol in small doses is a relaxant but anymore than 1 or 2 drinks will have a stimulating effect.

Using alcohol to create a better sleep pattern is a problem as you will have to rely on it in the future.

Exercise: Strong exercise too late in the evening will also have a negative effect you will need time to wind down Light to moderate exercise may help you to feel tired.

Caffeine: It surprises me how many people I have discussed sleep problems with who haven’t made the connection between coffee and other caffeinated drinks and not sleeping.

I’m usually told that “coffee doesn’t keep me awake” I have a cup every night, but I can’t sleep.
This translates as I don’t want to quit my night time coffee, just give me something to sleep!!!

Herbal remedies: Many people take herbal remedies for all types of complaints. If your formula contains Guarana, Ginseng, Withania or Liquorice it will be best not to take them after 4pm if you have trouble sleeping.

Nutrients: B Vitamins will be the biggest problem for problem sleepers. Don’t take after 2pm.

Food: Overeating or too much fatty or salty food will disturb your sleep. Cheese causing bad dreams appears to be a myth.

In the next article we will discuss what is good your sleep.

Have fun stay healthy.

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