Sleep Disorder Medicine

Sleep Disorder Medicine

Sleep disorder is a common problem. In general terms, sleep disorder means sudden change in one’s way of sleeping. Excessive sleep as well as lack of sleep, both are considered as disorder. Anxiety, depression, work pressures, alcohol, health issues, etc. are some common factors responsible for it.

Types Of Sleeping Disorder :

Some sleeping disorders are :

Night terror
Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea or snoring is a common disorder. It is mainly a breathing problem which interrupts sleep. Constant Positive Airway Pressure, in short CPAP, successfully solves this problem. This mask like device provides proper air supply during sleep. Besides, there are a number of Sleep Apnea Drugs available throughout the markets.

Sleeping Disorder is a matter of great concern. Vast studies have been conducted to find out its reason and cure. The most common solution given by the physician is medicines or sleeping pills.

Sleeping Medications :

Sleep disorder medicines can be both herbal and artificial. Most of these medicines can be purchased only if they are prescribed by a physician. Sleeping medicines are commonly known as Sleeping Tablets or Sleeping Pills.

Generally sleep disorder medicines are anti – anxiety medicines. Some sleep disorder medicines available in medical stores are:

Ambient sleeping tablets

Lunesta is considered to be the best solution for sleeping disorder till now. Lunesta is prescribed for insomnia. It can be of two types – one in which the person has problem in falling asleep and another in which the problem is staying asleep. Lunesta can assure 8 hours of sound sleep. This medicine should be taken only under careful medical guidance.

Benzodiazepines are considered as the safest medicines with fewer side effects. However, these medicines too need to be taken carefully. Nytol and Sominex are two mild sedatives that cause drowsiness. Clonazepam is for those who suffer panic and seizure attack during sleep.

One should take Sleeping Tablets according to the prescription of physicians. Sleeping Tablets can be very harmful to health if they are not taken with caution. People with heart related problems and drinking habit should be extra careful. Pregnant women are strictly advised not to take Sleeping Pills. Besides, excessive consumption of sleeping pills can be fatal.

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