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Determining The Number Of Sleep Hours To Lower The Risk Of Heart Disorder

Also, Sleeping Too Much Increased The Risk Of Obesity

Acupuncture Treatment For Insomnia Had Better Results Than Drugs

Patients Had Better Sleep Quality, Duration, And Daytime Alertness

Low Serotonin Can Be The Cause Of Sleep Disorders, Migraine, And Anxiety

It Can Be Treated Naturally With A Diet Rich In Tryptophan

Side Effects Of High Blood Pressure Medicines Include Headaches And Sleep Disturbance

Also, Erectile Dysfunction, Depression, And Dizziness

Eating A Large Meal Before Going To Sleep Will Result In Acid Reflux

Also, It Prepares The Body For Activity, Leading To Problems Getting Asleep

Portable Device Screens Affect Sleep Quality

They Emit Blue Light, Which Affects The Production Of Melatonin

Correcting Your Sleeping Position To Avoid Back Pain When Waking Up

It Will Also Help With Neck And Shoulder Pain

Nocturnal Epilepsy Can Be Caused By Unusual Brain Development And Low Oxygen In The Brain

Some Of The Symptoms Include Headaches, And Muscle Strain

New Developments In The Treatment Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The Brain Feels That The Body Is Exhausted, Even When Resting

Researchers Have Identified The Neurons That Control The Sleep And Wake Cycle

Adjusting The Body’s Natural Cycle Will Prevent Conditions Such As Heart Disease, Depression Or Even Cancer