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This week we have interesting info: Did you know that there are unusual ways to get rid of insomnia? Also, stretches that will help you sleep better, controlling stress by sleeping less, herbal teas as an alternative to sleep medication, treating insomnia and migraine with sound-based therapy, more sleeping can reduce symptoms of depression, planning in advance a good night’s sleep, training the body to be a better sleeper, foods to avoid for sleeping well, and more.

Sleep Better With These Stretches

Sometimes it is hard to sleep because the mind is still solving job issues even when you are not. One way to overcome it is by practicing yoga before you sleep, and also doing some relaxing stretches. It will not only provide the best rest and sleep, but will also disconnect your mind and relieve tension on the joints and the back. More details here.

Study: Less Sleep Might Be Good For Controlling Stress

Many people suffer from insomnia, and wake up at night, being unable to sleep again and worried about not getting their eight hours of rest. However, recent studies have proven that this might be natural. They suggest that these hours of staying awake may be helpful to regulate stress. More information here.

Don’t Want To Take Sleep Medication? Try These Herbal Teas

Did you know that poor sleep quality can be related to heartburn? One of the causes is because certain sleep medications have many side effects including appetite changes, gasses, diarrhea, heartburn, and stomach pain. An alternative to these medications is herbal teas, such as chamomile, California poppy and valerian, which have a relaxing and soothing effect. More here.

Migraine And Insomnia Treatments With Sound-Based Therapy

There is a new therapy based on sound that is showing positive effects on controlling high blood pressure and migraine. It reads brain activity using sensors in the scalp. This activity is transformed in audible tones and immediately reflected into the brain. The treatment has also proved effective for insomnia. More details here.

Study: Symptoms Of Depression Reduced By Staying In Bed A Little Longer

Depression is related to insomnia. According to studies, most people with depression also have depression. And having insomnia increases the risk by 10 of being depressed. However, a recent research has found that two extra hours in bed improve the symptoms of depression. More here.

Planning In Advance A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping recharges the body for a better performance. There are some ways to get a better sleep. For example, certain habits interfere with sleep, such as caffeine, alcohol and smoking. To avoid this, no caffeine or stimulants should be taken for 6 hours before bedtime, and alcohol mist be limited to 3 hours before sleeping. Also, light exposure from TV or screens controls melatonin, which induces sleep. Avoid them for 2 hours before going to sleep. Check the full list. More here.

Sleeping Quality Has Effects On Chronic Pain

A study has found a link between chronic pain and the quality of sleep. This means that painful conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis and back pain are linked to negative thoughts about insomnia and pain. Therefore, if a person with pain believes he won’t be able to sleep as a result from his insomnia, the painful condition will worsen. More here.

Training Your Body To Be A Better Sleeper

Sleeping is a natural process for most of us, but some people have trouble sleeping, because of insomnia or other condition. Fortunately, you can train yourself to be a better sleeper. For example, sleep restriction is oriented to waking up as soon as the clock rings, so that the body gets used to sleep at the right hour. Also with progressive relaxation, you contract and relax muscle groups to induce sleep. Check all the techniques for being a better sleeper. More here.

Unusual Ways To Get Rid Of Insomnia – Backed By Science

People with insomnia seek many treatments. Usually they are sleeping pills, but there are also natural ways to get sleep. For example, sleeping naked will lower the body temperature and sleep faster. Also meditating in bed also helps, which relaxes the whole body. Another trick is eating a tuna or salmon sandwich. These fish have B6, which is needed pro produce melatonin and help with sleep. Check all the techniques. More here.

Avoid These Foods For A Good Sleep

There are foods that should be avoided before going to sleep because they interrupt the sleep process. For example, dark chocolate las low sugar, but a high amount of caffeine. Also a steak is a high-protein food that will digest slowly and has been linked to sleep apnea. Spicy food will cause heartburn and raise body temperature. If you want to avoid coffee, trying decaf is not a wise choice, for it has enough caffeine to affect sleep. More here.

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