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Get our FREE Health Report on Insomnia
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  • Napping Can Help Improve Concentration, Decision Making And Also Promote Creativity

    It Should Not Last For More Than 20 Minutes

    Napping is beneficial for the health, although it is not approved by many and even seen as a sign of laziness. However, most of us have felt a sensation of sleepiness in the afternoon. The reason is that we are biologically designed by evolution to have a long sleep at the night, and a brief resting sleep in the middle of the day. Among its benefits are greater alertness and better concentration, because, in nappers, brain activity related with concentration was as strong in the afternoon as in the morning, while non-nappers have a decrease of brain activity in the afternoons. It can also improve memory, decision-making, and also cognitive flexibility, also known as “thinking outside the box”. It also enhances learning and creativity and reduces stress, which also helps in controlling blood pressure. However, napping for more than 20 minutes can have adverse effects, interfering with night sleep, and daily performance. An exception, if there is available time, is napping for 90 minutes, which will allow going through the full REM cycle. Check all the benefits of napping. Click here for more info.

  • Amber-Tinted Glasses Block The Blue Light From Smartphones, Treating Insomnia

    Blue-Light Spectrum Reduces The Production Of Melatonin, A Chemical That Induces Sleep

    One of the causes of sleep deprivation is the blue light spectrum emitted by the screens and smartphones and tablet, which reduce the production of melatonin, the chemical that tells the body it’s time to sleep. Researchers have found a solution for this, consisting of amber-tinted glasses, this blocks the blue light spectrum. However, according to specialists, there are other problems related to screens. Using smartphones and tablets in bed associates the bedroom with an alert and awake environment, when it should be related to a place for rest and sleep. More Information click here.

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