Excessive Sleeping Can Feel Like A Hangover

Excessive Sleeping Can Feel Like A Hangover    

The Cause Is The Disruption Of The Sleep Cycle    

Excessive sleep can result in symptoms similar to a hangover. The cause is the disruption of the circadian rhythm, the body’s internal clock that controls the sleep-wake time but also controls the startup and shutdown of many other body functions, such as digestion and hormone production. The disruption of the internal clock can cause excessive tiredness, also known as sleep inertia. Another cause can be waking up at the wrong time. The sleep process has 5 phases. The first two consists of light sleep and a slight sound can wake up a person. Phases 3 and 4 are for deep sleeping, and phase 5 is also known as the REM phase, in which dreams occur. Going through the complete 5 phases takes 90 minutes, and people require to go to the complete 5 phases to feel fully restored. Interrupting the process will result in tiredness and grogginess. Excessive sleep will start the sleep cycle again and there is a risk to wake up in one of the intermediate phases, with a feeling of tiredness. This can be avoided with a consistent sleep schedule, including weekends. Additional info click here.


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