What Are The Causes Of Waking Up During The Night

What Are The Causes Of Waking Up During The Night    

They Can Be A Need To Urinate, Sleep Apnea, And Acid Reflux, Among Others    

According to specialists, a third of people wake up during night at least 3 times per week, and 40% have trouble falling asleep again. This is called sleep maintenance insomnia. There are many causes for this, such as the room environment is too hot, noisy, or bright. This happens because of the phases of sleep. There are 5 phases. Phases 1 to 4 are related to resting, while phase 5 is REM (rapid eye movement), which is when dreams occur. Phase 1 is the lightest sleep, and a person can wake up with a slight noise. Another cause is anxiety, which is related to a fast heartbeat, nightmares, or even nocturnal panic attacks. Waking up at night to urinate, also called Nocturia is another cause and it is fairly common, especially if a person has drunk water before going to sleep. This is worse in diabetics, which experience thirst requiring to drink more water. Sleep apnea is also a cause, which is a condition that interrupts breathing during sleep. It can be due to an obstruction in the airway or a brain condition in which it does not sends the signals to the muscles responsible to snoring. In addition, excessive eating before bedtime can cause acid reflux, causing the food matter to return to the throat. Another issue related to digestion is eating too little, which can cause stomach growls or cramps due to hunger. Check all the reasons that can wake up a person at night. Additional details click here.


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