Avoiding Jet Lag – Watch What You Eat On A Plane


Avoiding Jet Lag – Watch What You Eat On A Plane     Jet lag is the effect of the time-zone change in our bodies. Since the internal clock is out of sync with the destination’s hour, the body feels less alert and less motivated. One way to reduce jet lag is…

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Narcolepsy Sufferers Are Unable To Control The Sleep-Wake Cycles


Narcolepsy Sufferers Are Unable To Control The Sleep-Wake Cycles     A New Drug Can Help Them, But It Has A Controversial Component     Narcolepsy sufferers have excessive daytime sleepiness, and well as cataplexy, which is a momentary muscle weakness. In some cases, it is triggered by emotions. This is caused by the…

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Get Rid Of Insomnia By Getting Out Of Bedroom


Get Rid Of Insomnia By Getting Out Of Bedroom     The Brain Created A Negative Association Of The Bed With The Inability To Sleep     If you are having difficulty to sleep and don’t want to take sleeping pills, you can try other ways, such as leaving your bedroom – this way,…

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Study Shows A Link Between Insomnia And Alzheimer’s


Study Shows A Link Between Insomnia And Alzheimer’s     Lack Of Sleep Could Prevent The Brain From Cleaning Certain Toxins     A study showed that insomnia may be linked to Alzheimer’s in older adults. They found a correlation between sleeping difficulty and the presence of indicators of Alzheimer’s. Even though the cause…

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For A Restful Night, Consider “Clean Sleeping“


For A Restful Night, Consider “Clean Sleeping“     For restful sleep, there is a new trend called “clean sleeping”. This consists of getting rid of electronics at bedtime since the blue light of devices can affect the circadian rhythm. Also, exercising in the morning and lowering smartphone use will help. Another…

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These Natural Tips Will Help Improve Your Sleep


These Natural Tips Will Help Improve Your Sleep     There are natural ways to improve sleep while avoiding the side effects of sleeping pills. One of these is eating a night snack rich in tryptophan, such as for as turkey, yogurt, eggs or nuts. Tryptophan is part of melatonin, the hormone…

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Reiki Health Benefits For Stress And Insomnia


Reiki Health Benefits For Stress And Insomnia     Reiki healing is an alternative therapy that will help reduce stress and relax the body. It also triggers the body’s natural healing abilities, promoting natural healing and also balancing the energies. By relaxing the body, it suppresses tension and stress. Another benefit is…

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    Anxiety Meds Can Have Dangerous Interactions With Certain Drugs

    Among Them Are Meds For Treating Acid Reflux, Insomnia, And Also Painkillers


    What Are The Causes Of Waking Up During The Night

    They Can Be A Need To Urinate, Sleep Apnea, And Acid Reflux, Among Others


    Study: Late-Night Eating Might Be Related To A Higher Risk Of Prostate And Breast Cancer

    The Cause Could Be Associated With The Disruption Of The Circadian Rhythm


    Melatonin Must Not Be Confused With Sleeping Pills

    A Proper Dose Is Fundamental To Avoid Excessive Sleepiness And Dizziness On The Morning


    Excessive Sleeping Can Feel Like A Hangover

    The Cause Is The Disruption Of The Sleep Cycle


    Hitting The Snooze Button Can Affect Sleep Negatively

    It Results In Sleep Disruption And Waking Up In The Middle Of A Sleep Cycle, Not Feeling Fully Restored


    Depression And Poor Sleep Quality Are Sometimes Present In The Same Person

    It Is Caused By The Connection Between Certain Areas Of The Brain


    Reading A Book Before Bedtime Will Help To Fall Asleep

    It Is Relaxing And Destresses The Mind, Preparing It For Sleep


    Deep Exhaustion Or Sleepiness Can Be Symptoms Of Narcolepsy

    It Can Also Include Catalepsy, In Which The Mind Enters A Dream State, Paralyzing The Body


    Poor Sleeping Is Not The Same As Short-Term Insomnia

    Poor Sleeping Can Be Caused By Conditions Such As Medications, Caffeine, Sleep Apnea, Excessive Worrying


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