How Yoga Nidra Can Help With Stress And Insomnia


How Yoga Nidra Can Help With Stress And Insomnia     Yoga Nidra, also called yogic sleep, is defined as a kind of sleep in which you stay conscious. Specialists believe that the body goes into a more restorative state when the brain goes from beta to alpha, switching from activity to…

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These Signs Can Tell That The Body’s pH Is Off-Balance


These Signs Can Tell That The Body’s pH Is Off-Balance     When the body has an optimal pH balance, everything feels well, including the digestion, mood, and energy. There are things that can throw pH levels off balance, such as processed foods, which have excess sugar, lack of citrus, dehydration, excess stress,…

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Insomnia May Have A Genetic Cause


Insomnia May Have A Genetic Cause     A recent study showed that genes can be related to conditions such as insomnia, and even be responsible for neuropsychiatric disease such as schizophrenia. These genes were also linked to depression, insulin resistance, and restless leg syndrome. Click here for more information.  

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    Anxiety Meds Can Have Dangerous Interactions With Certain Drugs

    Among Them Are Meds For Treating Acid Reflux, Insomnia, And Also Painkillers


    What Are The Causes Of Waking Up During The Night

    They Can Be A Need To Urinate, Sleep Apnea, And Acid Reflux, Among Others


    Study: Late-Night Eating Might Be Related To A Higher Risk Of Prostate And Breast Cancer

    The Cause Could Be Associated With The Disruption Of The Circadian Rhythm


    Melatonin Must Not Be Confused With Sleeping Pills

    A Proper Dose Is Fundamental To Avoid Excessive Sleepiness And Dizziness On The Morning


    Excessive Sleeping Can Feel Like A Hangover

    The Cause Is The Disruption Of The Sleep Cycle


    Hitting The Snooze Button Can Affect Sleep Negatively

    It Results In Sleep Disruption And Waking Up In The Middle Of A Sleep Cycle, Not Feeling Fully Restored


    Depression And Poor Sleep Quality Are Sometimes Present In The Same Person

    It Is Caused By The Connection Between Certain Areas Of The Brain


    Reading A Book Before Bedtime Will Help To Fall Asleep

    It Is Relaxing And Destresses The Mind, Preparing It For Sleep


    Deep Exhaustion Or Sleepiness Can Be Symptoms Of Narcolepsy

    It Can Also Include Catalepsy, In Which The Mind Enters A Dream State, Paralyzing The Body


    Poor Sleeping Is Not The Same As Short-Term Insomnia

    Poor Sleeping Can Be Caused By Conditions Such As Medications, Caffeine, Sleep Apnea, Excessive Worrying


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